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Web Base


(Real Time

C-Store (Consulting)

( IFRS )


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Web-base Solutions

This solution provides a platform that manages all your business locations.

Not only in-store POS, but quickly and easily process between the customer and the store by providing a robust scalable platform to the mobile environment.

Mobile ( Store , Customer )

  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Customer service
  • Made for everyone

POS ( Store )

  • Store management through an easy interface
  • Automatic Update, DB backup
  • No problem using the POS system in offline environment.
  • (24 hours a day, 365 days a zero defect system operation)


  • Central control for fast failure recovery in real-time
  • customer response
  • Sustainable market trend consulting

ASP (Store)

Without additional installation manage sales, breaking news and business information, views and Customer Care through the Internet from anywhere

Unified ASP Solutions

Comprehensive cloud-based store management system. In the network PAD, a variety of devices, including mobile devices and intelligent data management in a centralized, intuitive system, customers can be operated immediately after registering.

ASP (Store)

  • Web Base system
  • Responsive web, bootstrap
  • Real Time Store
  • C-Store (Consulting)
  • Account ( IFRS )
  • Ordering

Store Management

Mobile (Customer)

  • Self Order
  • Self Marketing
  • POS Linked
  • Credit Card Payment

POS (Store)

Android POS
Easy, fast performance and stability
Intuitive UI, multi-language support
Dine In, Quick Serve, Time and attendance, Payroll, Membership, Reservations, support a variety of payment
ASP linkage and real-time updates
Central configuration management, peripheral control ( RS232 , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi)
Tablet PC, support mode, standard mode POS device support
Windows POS
Including Android POS elements
Android POS order place capable
UP Restaurant
Including Windows POS elements
Systems Integration Support Solutions

(Standard protocols)

Unified Support Management System [USMS] (Store, Reseller)

  • Contracts and Register
  • Request ASP usage
  • License Management ( Retail included )
  • Archives ( Manual , POS Drive , ..)
  • Ordering ( Ordering supplies )



  • Database (Backup)
  • API Server
  • Web Server
  • Update Server


Main Control Center

  • Tech, Support
  • Reseller Support

Tech. Support

Manage Your Business

  • ERP
  • Inventory Management
  • Alternative IT staff
  • Remote Management
  • Automatic Data Back Up
  • Server Hardware
  • Store management
  • Security
  • Dynamic Reporting Tools
  • Automatic Software Update